After keeping it under wraps for over 6 months, I finally revealed the secret lurking in The Magic Box on the final episode of The CNC with Dave Show at the end of July, 2017. That secret was that I’m building a Gatton CNC.[expand title = “Read More”]

The project was kept under wraps for a couple of reasons. One reason was because a lot of work had to be done before I could even start the build. I’ve made it no secret that I basically work out of an over-glorified garden shed. My shop/shed is 8’ wide and 12’ long on the outside. Every tool I owned was piled up in the shed, and to do anything at all meant that I had to move a lot of “stuff” out into my driveway. That meant that I was at the mercy of the weather. I’m in southern Oregon, so it’s wet and rainy most of the year, and that means I can’t just move things outside and leave it there. I had to get another shed to store all of that “stuff” in so I could work in the shop/shed. I got my new shed in March of 2017 and was able to get everything moved rather quickly.

The other reason I waited to talk about the build was because I intended to video the build and post it on my YouTube channel. I wanted to make sure I could get it done fairly quickly. It’s still taking longer than I had hoped, but progress is being made. There are a lot of unfinished projects on YouTube, and I didn’t want this build to be one of them. I needed to get far enough ahead in the building process that I could release a video, and have at least one video in reserve to post should I encounter a problem. So far that seems to be working out for me. I’m able to post a video, release it on Wednesday, then immediately start editing the footage for the next video, while simultaneously shooting the video to be posted after that. It sounds like a confusing mess, but it isn’t. Part 5 was just released yesterday, as I type this. Right now I’m editing Part 6, and shooting Part 7. When I get Part 6 edited, I’ll upload it, schedule it to go public at the appropriate time, then concentrate on the build. I’ll be filming Part 7 as I do. After Part 7 is finished, I’ll take a break, then get everything ready to go to start filming Part 8. Then, when Part 6 goes public, I’ll start editing the footage for Part 7 and start building and filming Part 8. You get the idea.

Okay, enough chit-chat. Here’s a link to my YouTube video, where I announce the project, unbox the Gatton CNC kit, and tell you about my plans for the build.


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