There are times when you need to join vectors to create a profile toolpath, but in doing so, you’ll also have to trim away vectors or sections of vectors that you can’t eliminate. What I mean by that is that if you trim a vector, you lose that vector’s shape, or you lose some detail you’re trying to save. Take the picture below for example.[expand title= “Read More”]

This is a preview of the completed project from VCarve Pro.


Obviously, it’s a representation of the state of Michigan. The author of the file* wanted to join the Upper Peninsula to the main body of the state using two arcs to connect them. To compound the issue, he also added the banner and text down in the bottom quarter of Lower Peninsula. It’s a great looking design, but the problem is, how do you join the arcs to the Upper Peninsula without deleting that entire section of coastline? How do you join the outline of the state to the banner without getting rid of the banner detail?

How do we trim the vectors where the arcs join the Upper Peninsula?

The answer is to use layers to your advantage. Follow along in the video as I explain how I copy the vectors to a new layer and edit them to create a new outside profile. Along the way I’ll fix a couple of other problems with the file and show you an alternate method of associating a toolpath with a vector.

*Occasionally people having problems will send me files to look at for them. I ask that you please reach out to me before you send me anything. I may be able to answer your question without the need for you to send it to me. If you do send me a file, please understand that I will NOT fix it for you. I simply don’t have the time to do that. Instead, I will help you to fix it yourself, and guide you through it step-by-step if necessary. I believe that we all can learn from one another, but we don’t learn anything if someone else does the work for us. If I think that the problem with the file may be of interest to others, as in the case with the file used in this article, I may ask your permission to use the file in a video and website article as an example of how to fix the problem. Permission to use the file is NOT mandatory, and you’re under no obligation to let me use it.

Bottom line: I am more than willing to help you if I can, but please get in touch with me before you send me anything. I’ll do what I can to help you out.[/expand]


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